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Don't judge early-stage biotech Moderna on its stock's post-IPO drop: Cramer
CNBC - 43 min 24 sec ago
Jim Cramer says there's more to Wall Street newcomer Moderna than the action in the biotechnology company's stock.
Fox Business - SoftBank's mobile unit's share price set for Dec. 19 IPO on Tokyo exchange - 11 hours 21 min ago
CNBC - In race to IPO, Uber is bigger but Lyft is friendlier, survey finds - 11 hours 28 min ago
CNN - SoftBank IPO; Carlos Ghosn indicted; Huawei and markets - 13 hours 57 min ago
Reuters - SoftBank's record IPO reaches $23.5 billion after extra share sale - 13 hours 58 min ago
SCMP - Tencent Music executive sued for fraud ahead of US$1.2 billion IPO - 14 hours 23 min ago
Washington Post - The IPO Race for Uber and Lyft Isn’t Against Each Other - 7 hours 36 min ago
The Japan Times - SoftBank sticks to IPO price despite market drop and network outage - 14 hours 18 min ago
TechCrunch - Tencent Music sued by investor ahead of $1.2 billion US IPO - 18 hours 6 min ago
Reuters Video - Breakingviews TV: IPO race - 6 hours 13 min ago
CNBC Video - Uber reportedly files for IPO - 16 hours 16 min ago

Google CEO defends 'integrity' of products ahead of testimony
Reuters - 58 min 37 sec ago
The chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc's Google on Monday defended the integrity of the company's products a day ahead of a congressional hearing where he is expected to face tough questions from U.S. lawmakers.
CNBC - Google gears up for congressional hearing with patriotic prepared remarks - 1 hour 49 min ago
CNN - Google says Google+ bug affected 52.5 million people - 3 hours 45 min ago
Reuters - Google+ shutdown speeds up, new privacy bug affected 52.5 million users - 5 hours 14 min ago
Washington Post - Congress is about to grill Google’s CEO. Can Sundar Pichai handle the heat? - 1 hour 53 min ago
TechCrunch - Google’s search data shows YouTube’s influence over this season’s hottest toys - 2 hours 20 min ago
NY Post - Google+ shut down early after new privacy bug hits 52.5M users - 4 hours 51 min ago

The action in Apple's stock tells you everything you need to know about this market, says Jim Cramer
CNBC - 1 hour 7 min ago
Jim Cramer argues that the market's lack of conviction is perfectly captured by the movements in shares of Apple.
CNBC - Apple files appeal to overturn iPhone sales ban in China - 5 hours 47 min ago
Fox Business - A Foolish Take: Apple Loses the Wearables Crown to a Chinese Challenger - 7 hours 18 min ago
BBC - Apple denies iPhone import ban in China - 7 hours 51 min ago
SCMP - Chinese Huawei supplier will punish staff for buying Apple iPhone in show of support for troubled tech giant - 13 hours 46 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Apple at $165: Look who’s underwater now - 8 hours 12 min ago
CNBC Video - Did Apple just save the market? - 1 hour 48 min ago

Why Goldman Sachs Shares Lost 15% in November
Fox Business - 1 hour 13 min ago
Shares of the investment bank continued to fall on concerns about the Malaysian banking scandal.
CNBC - This year's losers will be next year's winners, Goldman's Kostin says - 5 hours 3 min ago
Indiatimes - Goldman Sachs's rocker India CEO sees merger rush extend in 2019 - 19 hours 48 min ago
MarketWatch - The Fed: Goldman Sachs throws in towel on four Fed hikes in 2019. But there are still some holdouts - 8 hours 21 min ago

Nissan, Ghosn clash over Rio apartment filled with art, cash: filing
Reuters - 1 hour 48 min ago
A Rio de Janeiro apartment containing cash, art works and personal belongings of Carlos Ghosn has become the latest battleground between the indicted former Nissan Motor Co Ltd chairman and the automaker.
Reuters - Exclusive: Nissan, Ghosn clash over Rio apartment filled with art, cash - filing - 5 hours 5 min ago
CNBC - Nissan reportedly wants to keep former chairman Ghosn and his family away from his safe in Brazil - 10 hours 58 min ago
Deutsche Welle - Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn charged with financial misconduct - 14 hours 54 min ago
Indiatimes - What next for Carlos Ghosn? - 16 hours 18 min ago
Fox Business - Tokyo prosecutors say Nissan ex-chairman Carlos Ghosn, automaker and 2nd executive charged with underreporting pay - 16 hours 59 min ago
CNN - Carlos Ghosn and Nissan have reportedly been indicted in Japan - 18 hours 6 min ago
BBC - Carlos Ghosn: Former Nissan chair charged with financial misconduct - 18 hours 19 min ago
New York Times - Carlos Ghosn, Formerly of Nissan, Is Indicted Over His Pay - 18 hours 24 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Carlos Ghosn Remains in Jail Following Japanese Indictments - 11 hours 23 min ago
Zero Hedge - Tokyo Prosecutors Formally Charge Carlos Ghosn With Underreporting Income By $80 Million - 12 hours 59 min ago
NY Post - Nissan Chairman Ghosn, executive charged for underreporting pay - 13 hours 45 sec ago
Washington Post - Where’s Carlos? Ghosn to Face Japan’s Legal System: QuickTake - 14 hours 15 min ago
The Guardian - Former Nissan chair Carlos Ghosn charged with financial misconduct - 15 hours 28 min ago
The Japan Times - Carlos Ghosn, aide Greg Kelly and Nissan charged with underreporting chairman’s pay - 18 hours 18 min ago
CNBC Video - Carlos Ghosn's arrest is prosecutorial overreach, says management guru - 12 hours 1 min ago
Reuters Video - Prosecutors indict Nissan, Ghosn - 17 hours 34 min ago

China's Huawei executive seeks bail in U.S. extradition case
Reuters - 1 hour 49 min ago
A Canadian provincial court on Monday weighed whether to grant bail to a top executive of one of the world's biggest telecommunications companies, Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL], while she awaits a ruling on extradition to the United States.
New York Times - Huawei Executive’s Lawyers Fight for Bail Ahead of Extradition Decision - 2 hours 6 min ago
Reuters - Executive of China's Huawei asks for bail in U.S. extradition case - 4 hours 53 sec ago
CNBC - The Huawei case will finally force the US to prove some claims it's made about Chinese companies - 4 hours 14 min ago
SCMP - Bail hearings continue in Canada for Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou - 6 hours 9 min ago
Indiatimes - Top Huawei executive cites health issues in Canada bail request - 16 hours 18 min ago
CNN - Jailed Huawei executive will learn her fate Monday as China demands her release - 20 hours 57 min ago
Zero Hedge - Huawei CFO's Husband Offers $11 Million Bail In Cash & Homes - 2 hours 33 min ago
NY Post - Huawei exec’s lawyers argue for bail in Canadian court - 3 hours 15 min ago
The Guardian - Huawei: Chinese media says Canada will pay 'heavy price' if CFO isn't released - 7 hours 6 min ago
The Japan Times - China slams ‘inhumane’ treatment of arrested Huawei executive - 10 hours 18 min ago
Time Business - It’s Hard to Overstate How Big a Deal the Huawei CFO’s Arrest Could Be - 18 hours 15 min ago
Washington Post - The U.S. Has Huawei in Cuffs. China Has the U.S. in Chains - 20 hours 1 min ago
LA Times - U.S. legal action against Huawei executive could backfire in unexpected ways - 22 hours 38 min ago
CNBC Video - China's state-run media lash out at Canada over Huawei executive arrest - 17 hours 9 min ago
Reuters Video - Huawei CFO seeks bail on health concerns - 17 hours 20 min ago

What Happened in the Stock Market Today
Fox Business - 2 hours 12 min ago
Apple got hit with a court order to stop selling older iPhones in China, and the biggest biotech IPO in history is still selling below its offering price.
CNBC - Art Cashin: New concerns about Brexit coupled with trade uncertainty are weighing the stock market - 3 hours 34 min ago
Fox Business - Stock market corrections: What to know - 5 hours 12 min ago
Reuters - Global stocks extend slump as growth worries mount - 17 hours 32 min ago
The Big Picture - BBRG: Donald Trump Owns This Stock Market - 6 hours 17 min ago
MarketWatch - Rex Nutting: Why today’s stock market investors are the most entitled people in the world - 8 hours 10 min ago

Raw Politics: Brexit chaos, Macron's address, Germany's 'mini Merkel'
Euronews - 2 hours 16 min ago
Tonight's Raw Politics came to you live from Strasbourg.
Reuters - Global stocks extend sell-off on growth and Brexit worries - 4 hours 39 min ago
Euronews - Global Conversation: Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit Britain and border backstops - 6 hours 18 min ago
Indiatimes - UK government can delay Brexit vote without parliament's approval - 7 hours 18 min ago
Fox Business - A look at Brexit as UK prime minister cancels the big vote - 7 hours 37 min ago
CNN - Dow slides 500 points on Brexit drama, bank selloff - 8 hours 3 min ago
CNBC - UK government delays Parliament's vote on Brexit - 8 hours 44 min ago
BBC - Brexit anxiety sends pound to 18-month low - 10 hours 58 min ago
SCMP - The day is coming for Britain to pay the price for the temper tantrum it called a referendum - 23 hours 17 min ago
Washington Post - Brexit looks more and more like a bad joke - 1 hour 33 min ago
Zero Hedge - Meanwhile In Brexit... Total Chaos - 2 hours 15 min ago
LA Times - With fresh 'Brexit' chaos over Britain's delayed parliamentary vote, what are some potential scenarios? - 3 hours 53 min ago
The Guardian - Pound falls to lowest in almost two years amid Brexit uncertainty - 5 hours 53 min ago
NY Post - Dow drops more than 500 points on Brexit vote delay - 7 hours 5 min ago
MarketWatch - Market Extra: U.K. is said to delay Brexit vote — what happens next? - 9 hours 21 min ago
Morningstar - How a Worst-Case Brexit Could Impact Stocks - 12 hours 18 min ago
Naked Capitalism - Brexit: May’s Handbag - 14 hours 22 min ago
The Japan Times - Top EU court rules that U.K. can change its mind over Brexit - 15 hours 18 min ago
CNBC Video - Where did Brexit come from? - 2 hours 19 min ago

Wall St. ends choppy day higher; tech helps, Brexit weighs
Reuters - 2 hours 39 min ago
Wall Street ended Monday's volatile session slightly higher with help from technology stocks although bank stocks tumbled and uncertainty over Britain's exit from the European Union kept investors on edge about global growth.
Reuters - Global stock decline on growth, Brexit worries; Wall St. gains - 2 hours 47 min ago
CNBC - Wall Street's top pot analyst loves Cronos deal for Altria: 'Unique entry into cannabis' - 11 hours 4 min ago
MarketWatch - The Wall Street Journal: Olympics executives failed to protect athletes after complaints against Nassar, report shows - 2 hours 11 min ago
The Japan Times - Tokyo stocks dive on Wall Street sell-off - 15 hours 18 min ago
Zero Hedge - Jamie Dimon Is The New Banking 'God' That Wall Street Protesters Love To Hate - 22 hours 28 min ago
Reuters Video - Wall Street ends choppy day higher - 2 hours 21 min ago
CNBC Video - This is no bear market, blame DC for violent market swings: Wall Street bull Rich Bernstein - 4 hours 1 min ago

Fed seen slowing, or even stopping, rate hikes next year
Reuters - 3 hours 22 min ago
The Federal Reserve's plans to continue raising interest rates next year were met with more skepticism on Wall Street on Monday, with futures traders betting on a pause and one major bank partially walking back a hawkish prediction.
CNBC - How to play rising bond rates for retirement income without losing your shirt in principal - 8 hours 17 min ago
Fox Business - How the Federal Reserve Affects the Interest Rates You Pay - 10 hours 18 min ago
Zero Hedge - Paul Tudor Jones: Fed Won't Raise Interest Rates Next Year - 6 hours 53 min ago

Under Armour reportedly ousts two executives close to CEO Kevin Plank
CNBC - 3 hours 36 min ago
Under Armour reportedly ousted two executives connected to CEO Kevin Plank, according to people familiar with the matter.
Reuters - Bayer CEO says has not had contact with activist investor Elliott - 4 hours 18 min ago
CNN - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ignites a new storm over Myanmar - 11 hours 59 min ago
Indiatimes - Prosecutors indict Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, reports say as focus on CEO role - 17 hours 48 min ago
Washington Post - Gilead Needs More Than a Steady Hand From Its New CEO - 6 hours 3 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Bunge CEO Latest Casualty of Investor Activism - 7 hours 52 min ago
The Japan Times - Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei survived a famine. Can he weather Trump? - 18 hours 18 min ago
CNBC Video - Pro4ma CEO: This holiday season will be one of the strongest in the last decade - 5 hours 21 min ago

Wells Fargo won't be allowed to grow unless problems fixed: Fed's Powell
Reuters - 3 hours 44 min ago
Wells Fargo & Co must keep a lid on its growth until the bank has hardened its risk management policies to prevent any further abuse of its customers, said Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve.
CNBC - Cramer: Fed didn't do 'its homework' and is now forced to hike rates this month - 5 hours 50 min ago
CNBC Video - Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones: Fed won't hike rates in 2019 - 10 hours 22 min ago

India’s Top Central Banker Quits as Government Seeks More Control
New York Times - 3 hours 58 min ago
Urjit Patel resigned on Monday after the Modi government sought to loosen loan restrictions and spend some of the central bank’s cash reserves.
Indiatimes - Any attempt by govt to curtail central bank's independence credit negative: Moody's - 6 hours 18 min ago
Fox Business - Head of India's central bank resigns amid government split - 11 hours 25 min ago
BBC - Urjit Patel: India's central bank governor quits amid 'rift' - 12 hours 15 min ago
MarketWatch - Emerging Markets Report: Reserve Bank of India head steps down in potential blow to central bank independence - 4 hours 31 min ago
Washington Post - Central Bank Independence - 4 hours 37 min ago

Thank the 2008 recession for rising Christmas tree prices today
CNBC - 4 hours 7 min ago
Christmas tree prices have been rising every year since 2015, according to annual National Christmas Tree Association data.
CNBC - Morgan Stanley sees growing risk of 'earnings recession' next year as yield curve inverts - 4 hours 53 min ago
Reuters - Onset of recession may take longer than expected after yield curve inverts - 15 hours 4 min ago
MarketWatch - Market Extra: Bond buyers fear market volatility, not a recession, fund flows show - 3 hours 21 min ago
Zero Hedge - Recession Odds Soar To 70% In Two Years, According To JPMorgan - 7 hours 13 min ago
CNBC Video - We aren't even close to a recession, but we are going to get much slower growth, says David Rosenberg - 2 hours 40 min ago

Trump's tariffs threaten energy exports and progress on US trade deficit
Fox Business - 4 hours 27 min ago
America will remain "the undisputed oil and gas producer in the world over the next several decades" says IEA.
CNBC - GoPro is moving camera production out of China over tariff concerns - 9 hours 59 min ago
CNN - GoPro moving some production out of China to avoid US tariffs - 10 hours 5 min ago
The Japan Times - Tariffs prompt GoPro to pull manufacturing of U.S.-bound cameras from China - 2 hours 18 min ago

Raw Politics: What is May's tactic behind delaying the Brexit vote?
Euronews - 4 hours 37 min ago
"She's going for the world record of kicking the can down the road": MEPs discuss British Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to delay the parliament vote on her Brexit agreement
Fox Business - British Prime Minister Theresa May told lawmakers that the government is stepping up preparations for a 'no-deal' Brexit - 8 hours 12 min ago
CNBC - British PM Theresa May addresses parliament on Brexit - 9 hours 2 min ago
CNN - Brexit vote delayed as Theresa May pulls the plug, sources say - 11 hours 1 min ago
Euronews - Follow live: Brexit chaos amid reports of PM May delaying crucial parliament vote - 12 hours 26 min ago
Vox - Theresa May halts Brexit deal vote to avoid defeat, throwing British politics into chaos - 4 hours 58 min ago
LA Times - Theresa May delays Brexit vote in Parliament in a major setback for British government - 8 hours 23 min ago
The Japan Times - Theresa May calls off key vote on Brexit deal to avoid huge defeat, source says - 11 hours 18 min ago
Zero Hedge - Pound Slides On Reports May To Delay Brexit Vote To Avoid "Huge Defeat" - 12 hours 33 min ago
Reuters Video - Pound hits 20-month low after Britain's May aborts Brexit vote - 6 hours 15 min ago
CNBC Video - Theresa May's delay of the Brexit vote grips European and US markets - 7 hours 53 min ago

China ruling could ban some Apple iPhones sales amid Qualcomm fight
Reuters - 4 hours 52 min ago
Chip supplier Qualcomm Inc on Monday said it had won a preliminary order from a Chinese court banning the sale of several older Apple Inc iPhone models in China due to two patent violations around software features, though Apple said its phones remain available in the country.
New York Times - Chinese Court Says Apple Infringed on Qualcomm Patents - 8 hours 11 min ago
Reuters - Qualcomm wins preliminary China import ruling against some iPhone models - 9 hours 39 min ago
CNBC - China court grants Qualcomm injunction against Apple, banning sale of some iPhones - 10 hours 18 min ago
The Japan Times - Chinese court bans some iPhones over Qualcomm patent dispute - 2 hours 18 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Wells Fargo: Apple ‘largely unaffected’ by today’s Qualcomm ruling - 7 hours 13 min ago
Zero Hedge - Beijing Blowback: Qualcomm Wins Ban On Some iPhone Sales In China - 10 hours 11 min ago
CNBC Video - Apple challenges Qualcomm ruling in Chinese court - 3 hours 53 min ago
Reuters Video - Chinese court sides with Qualcomm in dispute with Apple - 6 hours 5 min ago

Nissan to sell limited edition sports car for $1.1 million
CNN - 5 hours 55 sec ago
The Nissan GT-R sports car is already expensive. But, for those who want something truly special, Nissan has announced it will make 50 production versions of the Nissan GT-R50, a radically different looking GT-R with a body created by Italy's Italdesign, for a base price of about $1.1 million.
Reuters - Exclusive: Nissan, ex-chairman clash over Rio apartment filled with art, cash - filing - 7 hours 18 min ago
Indiatimes - Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn charged, served with fresh arrest warrant - 17 hours 18 min ago
Fox Business - Japan's Kyodo News Service says prosecutors have charged ex-Nissan chairman Ghosn for financial violations. - 19 hours 2 min ago

French president promises to scrap a tax hike on poor and low-income retirees
Fox Business - 5 hours 5 min ago
French president promises to scrap a tax hike on poor and low-income retirees.
Fox Business - Puerto Rico overhauls tax laws to help workers, businesses - 5 hours 56 min ago
Indiatimes - Direct tax collections rise 15.7% YoY for April-November period - 17 hours 18 min ago
The Japan Times - Macron vows tax relief, urges calm in bid to quell protests but stands his ground - 2 hours 18 min ago
Zero Hedge - Macron Announces Wage Hikes, Tax Cuts Amid "Economic, Social State Of Emergency" - 4 hours 56 min ago
MarketWatch - Tax Guy: How single folks should handle estate-tax planning under the new tax law - 7 hours 1 min ago

A former Gilet Jaunes Facebook page administrator tells her story
Euronews - 5 hours 11 min ago
Leila was an administrator of one of the largest Giles Jaunes Facebook pages - a movement that has gained significant traction. She tells Euronews why she decided to join the movement and later quit.
CNBC - Salesforce hires chief ethical and humane use officer following Benioff's criticism of Facebook - 6 hours 7 min ago
Euronews - Facebook group helps single gilets jaunes 'find their soulmate' - 7 hours 46 min ago
Zero Hedge - Russian "Troll Farm" Sues Facebook For Censorship - 1 hour 33 min ago
The Japan Times - Australian competition watchdog calls for a new regulatory body to tackle dominance of Google and Facebook - 16 hours 17 min ago

Mattel, Hasbro fall as Amazon teases private-label toy launch
Fox Business - 6 hours 18 min ago
Amazon recently posted product pages for several toys for toddlers and young children through its “AmazonBasics” line.
CNBC - You can now ask Amazon Alexa to read your email messages and respond by voice — here's how - 8 hours 3 min ago
CNN - Amazon is hosting 12 days of deals this holiday season — here are the best products up for grabs - 9 hours 38 min ago
New York Times - What Happens When 25,000 Amazon Workers Flush Toilets? - 9 hours 56 min ago
Fox Business - Amazon fires employees amid crackdown on seller scams: Report - 11 hours 10 min ago
MarketWatch - Outside the Box: Here’s the most recent update on money flows in Nvidia, Apple and Amazon - 7 hours 47 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Amazon and Walmart Are Taking Aim at Each Other - 12 hours 8 min ago

Citi forecasts oil goes nowhere in 2019 as OPEC cuts and US pumps more
CNBC - 8 hours 27 min ago
Citi believes international oil prices will average $60 a barrel in 2019, remaining near current levels as OPEC production cuts encourage U.S. drillers to put more oil on the market.
SCMP - Chinese oil firm hunts for overseas assets even as deal making falls to 10-year low amid stricter scrutiny - 13 hours 40 min ago
Zero Hedge - Permian Oil Reserves May Be Twice As Big As We Thought - 8 hours 32 min ago
MarketWatch - Futures Movers: Oil slips, can’t extend Friday’s OPEC-led price surge - 11 hours 29 min ago

Elon Musk 'thinks he's above the law': Cramer on the Tesla CEO's combative '60 Minutes' interview
CNBC - 8 hours 44 min ago
CNBC's Jim Cramer says he's baffled over why Tesla CEO Elon Musk would continue to antagonize government regulators.
CNBC - If Tesla can break this level, a short squeeze could deliver 45 percent rally: Piper Jaffray - 10 hours 48 min ago
Fox Business - Musk suggests Tesla's new chairwoman won't rein him in - 23 hours 40 min ago
Washington Post - ‘I do not respect the SEC’: 6 noteworthy moments from Tesla CEO’s ’60 Minutes’ interview - 15 hours 14 min ago
CNBC Video - Elon Musk 'thinks he's above the law': Cramer on the Tesla CEO's combative '60 Minutes' interview - 8 hours 3 min ago

Trump signals US won't punish Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi killing
CNN - 9 hours 12 min ago
President Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that he will not take strong action against Saudi Arabia or its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
CNN - 5 things to know for December 10: Brexit, Khashoggi, White House, Nissan, Weather - 13 hours 13 min ago
Indiatimes - 'I can't breathe' were Jamal Khashoggi's final words, report says - 17 hours 18 min ago
BusinessInsider - Here's everything we know about the troubling disappearance and death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi - 8 hours 45 min ago

China bans most iPhone sales after granting Qualcomm an injunction against Apple
CNN - 9 hours 28 min ago
A Chinese court has banned the sale and import of most iPhone models in a stunning decision that is sure to escalate the nasty trade war between the United States and China.
Fox Business - Asian shares fall as Huawei arrest imperils China-US truce - 17 hours 40 min ago
CNBC - Abu Dhabi Ports hopes for 'huge' trade boost as it makes 35-year concession deal with China's Cosco - 20 hours 18 min ago
Indiatimes - China, Cars & Congress: 3 risks to 2019 trade outlook - 20 hours 48 min ago
Zero Hedge - This is What The "Trade" War With China Is Really All About - 33 min 24 sec ago
The Japan Times - Huawei exec seeks Canada bail on health grounds as China ups trade pressures - 2 hours 18 min ago
Washington Post - U.S.-China trade standoff means no reprieve for rattled investors - 10 hours 58 min ago
Reuters Video - March 1 'hard deadline' for trade deal with China - 3 hours 23 min ago
CNBC Video - US-China tensions 'could go on for a while,' strategist says - 19 hours 4 min ago

Apple leads futures lower again in volatile session
Reuters - 9 hours 56 min ago
U.S. equity futures fell in a volatile session on Monday, with a drop in Apple Inc's shares curbing the market's attempts to stage a bounce back from its worst week since March on worries over global growth and the China-U.S. trade war.
Reuters - Futures reverse course to turn higher - 10 hours 33 min ago
Fox Business - Stock futures point to more losses to start the week - 14 hours 44 min ago
Zero Hedge - India Stock Futures Tumble After Central Bank Head Unexpectedly Resigns In Government Spat - 11 hours 49 min ago
MarketWatch - Market Snapshot: Wall Street in for a struggle to shake off last week’s losses as stock futures fall - 15 hours 8 min ago
CNBC Video - Dow futures point to a sharp decline at the open as sell-off looks set to continue - 13 hours 48 min ago

Morning update: Stocks set to fall | Trump searches for new chief of staff | Musk: I don't respect the SEC
CNBC - 11 hours 41 min ago
U.S. stock futures were well off their overnight lows following the worst week for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq since late March.
CNBC - Elon Musk says Tesla would consider buying idled GM plants, takes swing at the SEC on 60 Minutes - 23 hours 31 min ago
LA Times - Tesla's Elon Musk on '60 Minutes': 'I do not respect the SEC' - 2 hours 18 min ago
NY Post - Elon Musk laughs in the face of the SEC — again - 7 hours 7 min ago
Time Business - Elon Musk Says He Wants to ‘Be Clear’ That He Does Not Respect the SEC - 9 hours 45 min ago
Zero Hedge - Elon Musk Tells 60 Minutes He Has No Idea How To Smoke Pot; Slams SEC: "I Do Not Respect Them" - 11 hours 1 min ago
Washington Post - SEC Should Leave Proxy Advisory Firms Alone - 14 hours 18 min ago
Reuters Video - Elon Musk: I do not respect the SEC - 10 hours 36 min ago

Airlines enforce Australia's 7-kilogram cabin bag limit
CNN - 12 hours 43 min ago
Australian airlines including Qantas and Virgin Australia announce a renewed push to enforce hand luggage weight limits at the busiest time of the year.
Indiatimes - I didn’t steal. On the contrary, infused Rs 4,000cr of my own money to save Kingfisher Airlines: Vijay Mallya - 18 hours 48 min ago
CNBC Video - Airlines doing well, poised for global growth: Expert - 5 hours 16 min ago

Japan's top three telcos to shun Huawei, ZTE network equipment: Kyodo
CNBC - 13 hours 47 min ago
Japan's big three telecom operators plan not to use current equipment and upcoming 5G gear from China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp, Kyodo News reported. 
Reuters - Japan's top three telcos to shun Huawei, ZTE network equipment: Kyodo - 14 hours 50 min ago
SCMP - Japan decides to exclude Huawei, ZTE from government procurement plans - 19 hours 53 min ago
The Japan Times - Japan sets policy that will block Huawei and ZTE from public procurement as of April - 16 hours 17 min ago
CNBC Video - Japan’s top three telco firms exclude Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks - 15 hours 23 min ago

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