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Diplomats seek action from govt to check pollution
Indiatimes - 36 min 21 sec ago
The Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Frank Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, on Friday raised the issue of Delhi air pollution with MEA, saying that the Indian government needed to act on it for the sake of not just diplomats but all 22 million residents of the city.
Indiatimes - Plea on measures to tackle pollution, SC seeks Centre's reply - 12 hours 6 min ago
Euronews - How Brussels is failing to punish EU states over their deadly air pollution - 21 hours 3 min ago
BusinessInsider - Neighborhoods exposed to pollution and toxic chemicals could be breeding grounds for diabetes - 14 hours 47 min ago

Volvo Group sees opportunities in China's e-commerce boom
China Daily - 1 hour 36 min ago
BEIJING - China's e-commerce industry needs better logistics solutions, an opportunity that Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Volvo Group is ready to seize. "One very interesting development where China has a lead is in the e-commerce sector. That increase is very positive for Volvo because w ...
China Daily - German firms bullish on China - 3 hours 36 min ago

Budget 2017: Tax on takeaway boxes to be considered
BBC - 2 hours 56 min ago
The Chancellor is expected to announce plans to examine the idea in Wednesday's Budget.
CNBC - Private jet management could be shielded from taxes under Senate tax bill - 5 hours 52 min ago
CNN - How would the middle class fare under the Senate tax bill? - 6 hours 19 min ago
Bloomberg - Hassett Predicts Tax Plans Pay for Themselves. Studies Disagree - 6 hours 59 min ago
New York Times - Senate Tax Plan Includes Exemption for Private Jet Management - 7 hours 54 min ago
Indiatimes - Income Tax sleuths search office block at Jayalalithaa's residence - 10 hours 36 min ago
Reuters - Reuters poll: Major U.S. tax cuts not likely this year - economists - 11 hours 16 min ago
Washington Post - In towns and cities nationwide, fears of trickle-down effects of federal tax legislation - 36 min 8 sec ago
Fox Business - Global banks flag concerns over US Senate tax proposal - 3 hours 58 min ago
SCMP - Dollar looking at its biggest weekly loss in more than a month as focus on US tax legislation - 4 hours 51 min ago
Zero Hedge - The Republican Tax Plan Is Very Swampy - 6 hours 31 min ago
BusinessInsider - Republicans want to give rich people a tax cut on private school tuition - 7 hours 14 min ago
Zacks - House Passes Tax Bill: Likely ETF Winners & Losers - 10 hours 17 min ago
Economist's View - Paul Krugman: Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan - 10 hours 39 min ago
LA Times - Watch: Sen. Orrin Hatch to Democrats who say tax cuts are for the rich: 'Bull crap' - 10 hours 51 min ago
CNBC Video - Higher education students may face crippling tax hike with proposed GOP tax bill - 6 hours 55 min ago
WSJ Video - What's Next For the House Tax Reform Bill? - 17 hours 36 min ago

Business jets risk U.S. pilot shortage on competition from airlines
Reuters - 4 hours 22 min ago
MONTREAL (Reuters) - Business jet operators, already offering double digit raises to attract pilots, could face a labor shortfall in North America as they compete with U.S. airlines for talent, executives and analysts said.
CNBC - Why Southwest Airlines' CEO flies coach - 8 hours 34 min ago
LA Times - Alaska Airlines cites Trump policy change in ending service to Cuba from L.A. - 5 hours 51 min ago
Zacks - The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines Group, United Continental Holdings and JetBlue Airways - 14 hours 38 min ago

What to watch for in upcoming Salesforce earnings
CNBC - 4 hours 56 min ago
One strategist is closely watching, as it's one of the few remaining large tech names to report this earnings season.
CNBC - Traders betting on Deere, these other stocks ahead of earnings next week - 12 hours 7 min ago
Reuters - Sports retail stocks jump after upbeat earnings - 14 hours 30 sec ago
Zacks - Tech Roundup: NVDA, PCLN & TRIP Earnings, INTC-AMD Deal - 7 hours 35 min ago
Fox Business - Best Buy (BBY) Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript - 11 hours 54 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Why Abercrombie & Fitch Is Friday’s Biggest Earnings Winner - 13 hours 16 min ago
CNBC Video - The two most important things to watch in Salesforce's upcoming earnings report - 8 hours 19 min ago

Top VC deals: Stitch Fix, flying cars and retail robots used at Wal-Mart
CNBC - 5 hours 5 min ago
A weekly recap of some of the most interesting venture capital deals, funds and start-ups.
CNBC - Wal-Mart says it’s planning to test Tesla’s new electric trucks - 12 hours 34 min ago
Indiatimes - Walmart India recognised among 100 best companies for women - 15 hours 6 min ago
Fox Business - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Delivers 50% E-Commerce Growth - 8 hours 5 min ago
Zacks - Square's Bitcoin Bet, Retail Survivors, & Walmart Earnings - 8 hours 32 min ago
BusinessInsider - Walmart will be one of the first companies to try Tesla's electric truck (TSLA, WMT) - 11 hours 42 min ago
TechCrunch - Walmart plans to pilot test the new Tesla Semi - 12 hours 1 min ago
CNBC Video - Wal-Mart's having its best year since 1999 and could go higher - 5 hours 56 min ago

Applied Materials CEO: 'The future of competition' is changing, and it's fueling our business
CNBC - 5 hours 12 min ago
Jim Cramer caught up with Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson about his company's role in A.I. and big data.
CNBC - Stitch Fix CEO says there are not enough female 'decision-makers at the top' - 10 hours 50 min ago
Indiatimes - Nissan CEO returns his pay after inspection scandal - 17 hours 6 min ago
Bloomberg - Morgan Creek's CEO Says U.S. Tax Reform Bill Is Terrible - 22 hours 17 min ago
BusinessInsider - Domino's CEO throws shade at Walgreens and says the pizza chain has a better rewards program (DPZ) - 12 hours 1 min ago
CNBC Video - Applied Materials CEO: 'The future of competition' fueling our business - 2 hours 39 min ago

Apple Postpones Release of HomePod Speaker
New York Times - 5 hours 35 min ago
Apple had said its HomePod speaker, a response to Amazon’s Echo, would debut this year. Now it won’t be released till early next year.
CNN - Apple's HomePod speaker delayed until next year - 10 hours 22 min ago
Reuters - Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018 - 11 hours 51 min ago
CNBC - Apple just delayed its HomePod smart speaker until next year - 12 hours 20 min ago
Fox Business - So Much for the Holidays: Apple HomePod Delayed to 2018 - 8 hours 32 min ago
LA Times - Apple won't launch its HomePod smart speaker in time for the holidays - 9 hours 51 min ago
Washington Post - Apple won’t launch its HomePod smart speaker in time for the holidays - 10 hours 36 min ago
BusinessInsider - Apple is delaying its HomePod smart speaker until 'early 2018' (APPL) - 12 hours 7 min ago
TechCrunch - Apple pushes HomePod release to early 2018 - 12 hours 20 min ago
Zacks - Apple (AAPL) and the Never Ending $1 Trillion Speculation - 13 hours 20 min ago
CNBC Video - Apple delays the release of the HomePod to early 2018 - 12 hours 11 min ago

U.S. Stands Fast on Cutting Trade Deficit in New Nafta Wish List
Bloomberg - 5 hours 55 min ago
The Trump administration reiterated its goal to reduce the trade deficit with its Nafta partners in revised negotiating objectives, while adding in proposals it made during talks that were opposed by Canada and Mexico.
Bloomberg - Albright Stonebridge VP Says Nafta Was Left on Autopilot - 8 hours 16 min ago
CNN - NAFTA negotiations head to Mexico - 13 hours 48 min ago
LA Times - Latest round of NAFTA talks opens in Mexico, with few prospects for breakthroughs - 8 hours 1 min ago
Fox Business - Canada, Mexico try more flexibility as key NAFTA round opens - 8 hours 50 min ago

Tesla's biggest bull sees $60 billion in revenue by early next decade
CNBC - 6 hours 29 min ago
Tesla's most bullish analyst says his outlook on Tesla is ]is based in part on his confidence in demand for the Model 3
CNN - Tesla's truck, not out until 2019, already has orders - 7 hours 53 min ago
CNBC - Tesla Semi claims a number of 'firsts' for trucking industry - 8 hours 20 min ago
Reuters - Tesla's unfettered ambition will drain finances: analysts - 10 hours 52 min ago
Deutsche Welle - Tesla's latest 'moonshot' is an all-electric semi truck - 18 hours 14 min ago
Indiatimes - Tesla wants to electrify big trucks, adding to its ambitions - 20 hours 6 min ago
BusinessInsider - Tesla's new electric semi truck could work wonders for cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions - 3 hours 55 min ago
Fox Business - Tesla's unfettered ambition will drain finances - 4 hours 34 min ago
LA Times - Tesla's Semi and Roadster impress, but 'production hell' raises doubts about follow-through - 11 hours 1 min ago
Washington Post - Tesla Truck’s All About the Journey; Destination Unknown: Gadfly - 12 hours 36 min ago
Time Business - Tesla Just Announced a Semi Truck and a New Supercar. See Them Here - 12 hours 48 min ago
Zacks - On Housing, Q3 Retail & New Tesla Products - 13 hours 1 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Tesla Unwraps Semi, New Roadster, No Mention of Model 3 - 15 hours 40 min ago
NY Post - Tesla unveils electric big-rig truck, sporty Roadster - 22 hours 1 min ago
The Guardian - Elon Musk unveils Tesla electric truck – and a surprise new sports car - 22 hours 12 min ago
TechCrunch - Tesla Semi has the technical capability to convoy today - 22 hours 33 min ago
SCMP - ‘This will blow your mind clear out of your skull’ – Elon Musk says of Tesla electric truck unveil - 23 hours 47 min ago
CNBC Video - Bob Lutz: There's no secret sauce at Tesla - 9 hours 18 min ago
CNN Video - Tesla unveils a new electric semi-truck - 18 hours 12 min ago
Reuters Video - Tesla unveils new big rig and Roadster - 18 hours 28 min ago

Morgan Stanley MD Says Tax Reform Is Far From a Done Deal
Bloomberg - 6 hours 35 min ago
Michael Zezas, Morgan Stanley managing director, discusses the GOP's tax overhaul plan with Bloomberg's Julia Chatterley and Scarlet Fu on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)
CNBC - There could be a multi-trillion dollar opportunity waiting in India, Morgan Stanley says - 22 hours 23 min ago

Tesla is 'going out of business,' says former GM exec Bob Lutz
CNBC - 6 hours 40 min ago
Tesla is a "losing enterprise" that won't last, Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors, told CNBC on Friday.
Reuters - GM's Cadillac expects China sales to jump 60 percent in 2017 - 21 hours 11 min ago
BusinessInsider - Former GM CEO calls Tesla a 'losing enterprise,' and says it's 'going out of business' (TSLA) - 5 hours 49 min ago

Wall Street pulls back at week's end with tax changes mulled
Reuters - 7 hours 11 min ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street ended the week on a sour note on Friday, with major indexes slipping modestly as investors weighed the fate of the Republicans' tax overhaul plan.
Reuters - Wall Street set to end week on whimper as tax changes mulled - 8 hours 47 min ago
New York Times - Wall Street Slips on Worries Over Tax Plan's Progress - 10 hours 35 min ago
Bloomberg - Wall Street Will Be Riding the Boom From Tax Plan, Mnuchin Says - 12 hours 35 min ago
CNBC - Tesla event did not blow all of Wall Street's minds into an alternate dimension - 13 hours 27 min ago
Fox Business - Wall Street slips to end week as tax changes mulled - 6 hours 36 min ago
Zero Hedge - Wall Street Traders Used Chat Rooms To Rig Treasury Auctions, Federal Lawsuit Alleges - 9 hours 46 min ago
Zacks - Wall Street Banks Held for Rigging Treasury Bond Auctions - 13 hours 25 min ago
Reuters Video - Wall Street slips - 7 hours 17 min ago
CNBC Video - Wall Street is freaking out as EA caves again to social media outrage over its 'Star Wars' game - 8 hours 45 min ago

Two bills currently in Congress could impact Google and Facebook ad sales
CNBC - 8 hours 23 min ago
Of two bills that could crimp ad growth for Facebook and Google, the lower-profile will hit first and could hurt more
Indiatimes - Google buys plot near Apple's planned Danish data centre - 11 hours 6 min ago
BusinessInsider - We put Google's new language-translation headphones to the test with 10 different languages — here’s how they did - 9 hours 10 min ago
Zacks - The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Walmart, Google and Amazon - 14 hours 39 min ago

For investors right now, the only thing that matters is whether a company can beat Amazon or Netflix
CNBC - 8 hours 28 min ago
Investors may want to take a longer term view appraising profit streams in this increasingly disruptive world.
CNBC - What billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos did at 30 to avoid living with regret - 12 hours 13 min ago
CNN - Pentagon exposed some of its data on Amazon server - 12 hours 33 min ago
Washington Post - Whole Foods’ Last Solo Numbers Quantify Amazon Effect: Gadfly - 6 hours 36 min ago
BusinessInsider - CVS may have a secret weapon against Amazon's move into healthcare (CVS, AMZN) - 9 hours 4 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Daimler Sues Amazon Over Fake Mercedes-Benz Wheel Caps - 14 hours 25 min ago
Kiplinger - 32 Companies That Amazon Could Ruin - 23 hours 36 min ago
CNBC Video - Cramer Remix: Amazon is the Death Star - 4 hours 11 min ago

A look at India's rating upgrade and its implications
Indiatimes - 8 hours 36 min ago
The rating agency has hailed wide-ranging economic and institutional reforms of the BJP government over the last three, citing them as the big reasons for the upgrade.
Indiatimes - View: Moody's upgrade recognises India’s economic, structural reforms - 10 hours 6 min ago
CNN - Moody's loves Modi's plans for India - 16 hours 7 min ago

Volkswagen accelerates push into electric cars with $40 billion spending plan
Reuters - 10 hours 45 min ago
WOLFSBURG/HAMBURG (Reuters) - Volkswagen approved a 34 billion euro ($40 bln) spending plan on Friday that accelerates its efforts to become a global leader in electric cars.
Deutsche Welle - Volkswagen Group unveils five-year investment plan - 12 hours 51 min ago
Reuters - Volkswagen to spend over $40 billion on electric and self-driving cars - 14 hours 58 min ago
China Daily - Volkswagen to spend heavily on China NEVs - 22 hours 36 min ago
SCMP - Volkswagen will spend US$40 billion to become leader on electric cars - 6 hours 29 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Volkswagen Accelerates Electric Car Effort With $40 Billion Investment - 11 hours 21 min ago

EU, Theresa May say 'more work' needed for Brexit deal
Indiatimes - 11 hours 6 min ago
The EU is looking to reboot the union based on plans by France's new president Emmanuel Macron and by Juncker.
Euronews - Exclusive: Tusk says ‘no deadlock’ in optimistic assessment of Brexit talks - 11 hours 48 min ago
Bloomberg - You Must Be Kidding! EU's Tusk Laughs at U.K.'s Brexit Challenge - 12 hours 5 min ago
Indiatimes - Dwindling British fortunes to be laid bare - 12 hours 6 min ago
The Guardian - Frankfurt prepares for Brexit: 'It has put extra wind into our sails' - 14 hours 52 min ago
Fox Business - EU leaders warn broadening of Brexit talks could be in doubt - 20 hours 6 min ago
Naked Capitalism - Yet Another Brexit Train Wreck – UK to Fall Outside EU Auto Approvals Regime – and It Doesn’t Even Register With Officials - 20 hours 13 min ago

Bill Gurley: Bitcoin is an 'incredible store of value' in much of the world
CNBC - 11 hours 10 min ago
Bill Gurley said bitcoin is no fraud and that it's particularly valuable in unstable parts of the world.
CNBC - Square shares rise after Evercore ISI says bitcoin test is innovative, upgrades stock - 14 hours 40 min ago
Reuters - Fork talk lifts bitcoin to all-time high near $8,000 - 16 hours 8 min ago
Bloomberg - Bitcoin Emerges as Crisis Currency in Hotspots - 23 hours 36 min ago
Zero Hedge - Financial Times: Sell Bitcoin Because The Market Is About To Become "Civilized" - 4 hours 31 min ago
The Guardian - Bitcoin breaks $8,000 barrier amid speculation over spin-off - 11 hours 51 min ago
CNBC Video - How one trader is playing the surge in bitcoin - 6 hours 6 min ago

Nearly 2,000 Siemens employees protest against job cuts
Reuters - 11 hours 11 min ago
BERLIN (Reuters) - Siemens employees protested in various German cities on Friday against the company's proposal to cut 6,900 jobs, which a senior Siemens official said could be revised after negotiations with the union.
Euronews - Siemens to cut European jobs, expand UK site - 21 hours 56 min ago
Reuters Video - Siemens to cut 6,900 jobs as turbine demand tumbles - 12 hours 13 min ago

Bill George: GE's Flannery lacks the 'vision, strategy and passion' to rebuild the company
CNBC - 12 hours 5 min ago
Jury still out on GE's Flannery, but he's given no indication he can return GE to greatness, says Bill George.
Reuters - GE shares rise after CEO Flannery buys stock - 13 hours 49 min ago
CNBC - GE stock is a ‘screaming buy,’ a ‘spectacular opportunity,’ strategist says - 16 hours 13 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Why Moody’s Cut GE Debt Ratings - 12 hours 46 min ago
Zacks - Dow 30 Stock Roundup: GE Cuts Dividend, Wal-Mart, Home Depot Beat - 14 hours 3 min ago
Fox Business - GE CEO Flannery bets over $1 million on turnaround - 14 hours 3 min ago
CNBC Video - CEO Flannery bought 60K shares of GE stock - 15 hours 5 min ago

Fox shares rise on signs of more takeover interest
Reuters - 12 hours 19 min ago
(Reuters) - Twenty-First Century Fox Inc shares were up 3 percent in trading on Friday after sources said both Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc were interested in buying parts of its studio and TV operations.
Reuters - Fox shares jump on signs of more takeover interest - 14 hours 55 min ago
CNN - Fox hunt; Tesla unveils Roadster; TransCanada trouble - 18 hours 31 min ago
Zacks - Will There Be a Bidding War for 21st Century Fox's Major Assets? - 8 hours 14 min ago
BusinessInsider - A bidding war for 21st Century Fox could break out — here's how it got to that point (FOXA, VZ, DIS, CMCSA) - 12 hours 36 min ago
CNBC Video - As deal talks swirl, these are the companies that could buy Fox: Traders - 6 hours 13 min ago
Reuters Video - Takeover interest in Fox - 10 hours 56 min ago
CNN Video - 21st Century Fox shares surge on takeover talk - 11 hours 17 min ago

Venezuela's falling crude oil imports are a 'huge red flag' that could shock the market
CNBC - 12 hours 35 min ago
A drop in Venezuela's key oil imports has some analysts worried state oil giant PDVSA is struggling to fund operations.
CNBC - Venezuela is going through a messy economic default — here's all you need to know - 13 hours 34 min ago
Deutsche Welle - Venezuela's state oil firm PDVSA declared in default - 19 hours 33 min ago

US calls for return to civilian government in Zimbabwe
Indiatimes - 12 hours 36 min ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Friday for a return to civilian rule in Zimbabwe, saying the country has a chance to put itself on a "new path" amid signs longtime authoritarian President Robert Mugabe will be forced from power in a bloodless coup.
Bloomberg - Key Images From Robert Mugabe’s 37 Years Ruling Zimbabwe - 14 hours 54 min ago
Zero Hedge - Zimbabwe: Reports That All Ten Branches Of Mugabe's Zanu PF Party Passed No Confidence Votes - 8 hours 1 min ago
LA Times - U.S. calls for swift return to civilian rule in Zimbabwe - 11 hours 43 min ago

Wells Fargo fires head of consumer lending for misconduct
CNN - 13 hours 52 min ago
Wells Fargo has fired one of its most powerful executives for misconduct.
CNBC - Wells Fargo ousts consumer lending head over communication that was 'contrary' to company policy - 14 hours 21 min ago
Washington Post - For $200,000, Tesla will sell you the ‘world’s fastest’ consumer car - 4 hours 36 min ago
Fox Business - Here's How Consumers With Student Debt Struggle During the Holidays -- and What They Can Do About It - 8 hours 58 min ago
CNBC Video - Cramer’s Exec Cut: The consumer trends business leaders have their eyes on—and you should too - 4 hours 25 min ago

Saudi central banker: 'Overdue' anti-corruption drive will pay off
CNN - 14 hours 20 min ago
The head of Saudi Arabia's central bank says an anti-corruption campaign that has ensnared some of the kingdom's top business leaders will pay dividends over the long run.
China Daily - Central bank conducts highest weekly liquidity injection in 10 months - 19 hours 6 min ago
Zero Hedge - Turkish Lira, Bonds Plunge After Erdogan Tells Central Bank "It's On The Wrong Path" - 13 hours 46 min ago
CNN Video - Saudi central banker: Corruption crackdown will 'pay off' - 13 hours 54 min ago

Anti-corruption campaign in Saudi brings hope to businessmen
Indiatimes - 15 hours 6 min ago
The campaign, which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says is aimed at cracking down on corruption in the kingdom, has been met with skepticism by many.
CNBC - Saudi Arabia is swapping cash, assets for freedom of some princes, businessmen held in corruption crackdown - 17 hours 42 min ago
Indiatimes - Boards need to monitor T20 leagues to curb corruption: Waqar Younis - 23 hours 6 min ago
BusinessInsider - US Treasury Secretary says Saudi Arabia is doing a 'great job' with corruption purges - 15 hours 17 min ago

Boeing or Airbus: Who won the battle of Dubai?
CNBC - 15 hours 21 min ago
The industry giants traded blows in the fight to sell new planes.
China Daily - Boeing, China sign agreement for 300 planes, valued at $37b - 22 hours 6 min ago
Zacks - Boeing vs. Airbus: Who Stole the Dubai Air Show 2017? - 8 hours 38 min ago
BusinessInsider - A Boeing 757 was hacked and now DHS is worried more planes could be at risk - 11 hours 6 min ago

Zimbabwe: Mugabe makes first public appearance since military takeover
Euronews - 20 hours 58 min ago
Robert Mugabe's first public appearance in days could be followed by his sacking and impeachment.
BusinessInsider - Robert Mugabe's power-hungry wife, 'Gucci Grace,' may have provoked Zimbabwe's military takeover - 12 hours 22 min ago
Zacks - Can Emerson's Latest Sweetened Takeover Bid Tempt Rockwell? - 14 hours 23 min ago
Fox Business - Fox shares jump on signs of more takeover interest - 14 hours 57 min ago

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