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Boris Johnson doesn't have Fox News but he can always rely on the Telegraph
CNN - 28 min 53 sec ago
The Daily Telegraph's close relationship with the prime minister is unprecedented in modern British political history.
BusinessInsider - The Lib Dems could pull off a historic victory over Boris Johnson's Conservatives in a key London battleground - 20 hours 32 min ago

Hong Kong protests deal massive blow to trade exhibitions as visitor numbers slump 20 per cent
SCMP - 1 hour 32 min ago
Trade exhibitions in Hong Kong have taken a hit in the last month and a half, with buyer attendance slumping by 20 per cent, as visitors give the city a miss amid some of the worst unrest since protests started in June.Total attendance for the seven shows organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development ...
SCMP - Hong Kong shop owners willing to sell even if it means incurring a loss of HK$6 million - 2 hours 32 min ago
Euronews - China sends troops onto Hong Kong's street's to clean up after protests - 12 hours 7 min ago
CNN - Hong Kong pro-democracy politicians demand an explanation for Chinese military aiding in protest clean-up - 12 hours 45 min ago
The Japan Times - Chinese army personnel emerge from Hong Kong barracks to help in clean-up exercise - 14 hours 32 min ago
Zero Hedge - Chinese Soldiers Deployed Onto Street Of Hong Kong To "Help Clean Up" - 15 hours 18 sec ago
Washington Post - Why Now, and Why Hong Kong, for Alibaba’s Share Sale? - 18 hours 32 min ago

Read: The most important documents related to the Trump impeachment inquiry
CNN - 1 hour 45 min ago
The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has left quite a paper trail
CNN - House impeachment deposition transcripts of Jennifer Williams and Tim Morrison released - 7 hours 9 min ago
New York Times - In Prime Time, Two Versions of Impeachment for a Divided Nation - 9 hours 19 min ago
Zero Hedge - Personal Politics, Public Impeachment, Persuasion, And Post-Apocalyptic Planning - 9 hours 2 min ago
BusinessInsider - Fox News and CNN covered the impeachment hearings very differently. Here are some of the biggest divergences. - 13 hours 1 min ago
Vox - With impeachment, America’s epistemic crisis has arrived - 14 hours 42 min ago
The Japan Times - Ukraine, heading into crucial talks with Russia, feels abandoned by U.S. amid impeachment drama - 19 hours 32 min ago

With inflation low, Fed can boost job market: Daly
Reuters - 3 hours 21 min ago
Sluggish inflation gives the Federal Reserve the leeway to keep borrowing costs low and help draw more workers into the labor market, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Mary Daly said on Saturday.
Reuters - Fed's Daly says low inflation presents opportunity - 5 hours 24 min ago
CNN - From working at a doughnut shop to the Federal Reserve: The unlikely journey of Mary Daly - 16 hours 1 min ago
Zero Hedge - Stablecoins 'Threaten Global Financial Stability', Fed Warns - 7 hours 2 min ago
MarketWatch - Market Extra: Here are 5 things to know about the surge in Fed mortgage bond buying - 15 hours 31 min ago

Nissan recalls nearly 400,00 vehicles over braking system defect
Reuters - 4 hours 4 min ago
Japan's Nissan Motor Co Ltd has said it is recalling 394,025 cars in the United States over a braking system defect, causing concerns that a brake fluid leak could potentially lead to a fire.
The Japan Times - Nissan recalls nearly 400,000 vehicles over braking system defect - 32 min 10 sec ago

Ex-NSC official says Trump July 25 call transcript mistakenly moved to classified system
CNN - 4 hours 28 min ago
Tim Morrison, the National Security Council's former senior director for Europe and Russia official, testified earlier this month that he was told the transcript of President Donald Trump's July 25 call with his Ukrainian counterpart was moved to a highly classified server by "mistake," according to ...
CNN - Fact check: A list of 45 ways Trump has been dishonest about Ukraine and impeachment - 14 hours 20 min ago
Vox - A State Department aide overheard Trump pushing for Ukrainian investigations into Biden - 8 hours 2 sec ago

House releases impeachment depositions from Trump and Pence Russia advisors
CNBC - 6 hours 17 min ago
Williams said that the call "shed some light on possible other motivations" for freezing nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine.

UK's Corbyn: Labour to exclude NHS, medicines from trade deals with U.S.
Reuters - 7 hours 38 min ago
UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Labour Party will exclude Britain's National Health Service and medicines from trade deals with the United States, as he accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of covering up "secret talks" on the NHS.

#StillWithKap trends on Twitter ahead of Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout
CNN - 8 hours 22 min ago
#StillWithKap was trending for hours ahead of Colin Kaepernick's workout Saturday. Many included the hashtag while showing support for Kaepernick, who many believe has been ostracized by the NFL for his protests of police brutality.

Boeing and SpaceX face 'significant' challenges in delayed NASA program
CNN - 9 hours 9 min ago
Government oversight officials issued a scathing report about delays in NASA's commercial crew program, warning that Boeing and SpaceX are facing "significant safety and technical challenges" with their spacecraft — which could leave NASA astronauts stranded on the ground next year.
Reuters - Boeing says timing of 737 MAX return in hands of regulators - 17 hours 47 min ago
BusinessInsider - Boeing is pressuring the FAA to clear the 737 Max to fly sooner, even as some airline staff beg not to be put back on it - 16 hours 59 min ago

Trump tweeted as Marie Yovanovitch testified: Was it witness tampering?
Euronews - 10 hours 59 min ago
Trump tweeted as Marie Yovanovitch testified: Was it witness tampering?

The energy industry practices for a 'black swan' cyberattack that could take down the grid
CNBC - 14 hours 2 min ago
The event is called GridEx, and takes place every two years. It imagines the U.S. under attack from a foreign country, through the power grid.

CEO traces autism's influence on career path he started as a high school dropout
Fox Business - 14 hours 12 min ago
Dan Schneider founded SIB Fixed Cost Reduction in 2008 amid the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.
BusinessInsider - I'm a tech CEO who tried to give up my smartphone for a year. I wasn't fully successful — but it did make me a better leader. - 11 hours 32 min ago

The $25 Amazon Echo Flex is great for putting Alexa in tight spaces like your bathroom
CNBC - 14 hours 17 min ago
The small Amazon Echo Flex plugs right into an outlet, making it a great way to add Alexa to any room where you don't have room for wires, like the bathroom or a workshop.
BusinessInsider - The 5 biggest questions surrounding Amazon's new grocery chain (AMZN) - 17 hours 31 min ago

U.S. to extend license for its companies to continue business with Huawei: Sources
Fox Business - 14 hours 18 min ago
The U.S. Commerce Department has allowed Huawei to purchase some American-made goods in a move aimed at minimizing disruption for customers.

Disney+ isn't really the beginning of the streaming wars — the next year is just a warm-up
CNBC - 14 hours 30 min ago
Disney+ and Apple+ are here, but the average consumer isn't going to look at a menu of a dozen options and select only three or four, thus determining winners and losers. There are too many complicating factors for such a simple calculation.
TechCrunch - This Week in Apps: Apple’s vaping app ban, Disney+ gets installed, apps gear up for Black Friday - 12 hours 51 min ago
Vox - Disney+ will stream The Simpsons in its original 4:3 aspect ratio in early 2020 - 22 hours 52 min ago

Chinese troops join Hong Kong cleanup as protesters retreat
Indiatimes - 14 hours 32 min ago
Running in formation with brooms instead of rifles, they chanted in military cadence before joining street cleaners removing debris near Hong Kong Baptist University
CNBC - Paris police fire tear gas on 'yellow vest' protests anniversary - 17 hours 15 min ago
The Japan Times - Lebanon protesters angered by new prime minister pick - 20 hours 32 min ago

I work to fight terrorism. This is the threat that keeps me up at night
CNN - 17 hours 27 min ago
Courtney La Bau writes that there are a range of threats facing the US, and that includes the widening polarization in the country. This is the kind of division, she says, that feeds the seeds of hate at the root of every kind of terror attack.
Zero Hedge - 'War On Terror' Has Killed Over 801,000 People & Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Study - 2 hours 2 min ago

Here are the best analyst calls of the week on Wall Street, including Apple, Live Nation
CNBC - 17 hours 28 min ago
Here are some of the most interesting analyst calls of the week
24/7 Wall St. - Profit Taking Aside, Wall Street Sees Powerful 2020 for Nvidia - 16 hours 27 min ago

These 4 mega-cap consumer stocks have crushed fears of disruption and the market in the process
CNBC - 17 hours 30 min ago
Walt Disney, Walmart, Nike and Starbucks are among a small group of elite consumer companies that have overcome fears of digital disruption.

A day that underscored the corruption swamping the Trump presidency
CNN - 18 hours 31 min ago
A fateful convergence of events Friday reflected a culture of corruption and intimidation endemic to the circle of a President who vowed to drain the swamp but instead became its incarnation.

Subdued tax revenue growth suggests likely fiscal slippage in FY20: ICRA
Indiatimes - 20 hours 32 min ago
The fiscal deficit rose by 9.6 per cent to Rs 6.5 lakh crore in the April to September period (H1 FY20) from Rs 5.9 lakh crore in H1 FY19. This was equivalent to 92.6 per cent of the revised budget estimate for FY20, largely similar to the situation in H1 FY19 (92.2 per cent of the FY19 provisional ...

View: Four steps that can help India become $5 trillion economy
Indiatimes - 22 hours 2 min ago
A $5 trillion economy implies a larger economic base of an order of magnitude unknown in India’s history. This structural expansion is, realistically, only achievable with the support of world-class advisory services firms able to accompany and sustain the maturing economy
Indiatimes - View: India has people. It needs consumers - 22 hours 32 min ago

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