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Barclays suffers $1.6 billion first-half loss from Africa sale
Indiatimes - 18 min 3 sec ago
The lender reported a 1.4 billion pound loss on the sale of 33 percent of Barclays Africa Group, and a further 1.1 billion pound impairment charge on the sale.
BBC - Barclays sets aside extra £700m for PPI - 2 hours 26 min ago
CNBC - Barclays suffers loss of $1.6 billion on Africa sale, CEO Staley says feels 'good about next chapter' - 2 hours 35 min ago
The Guardian - Barclays sets aside extra £700m for PPI claims - 1 hour 22 min ago
CNBC Video - Barclays CEO: Executives trial having 'no impact' on business activity - 2 hours 41 min ago

Senate Rejects 'Skinny' Obamacare Repeal
Bloomberg - 34 min ago
The Obamacare repeal effort has failed in the Senate. Republican Senators John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were all "no" votes on the bill, defeating it in a 49-to-51 tally. Bloomberg's Kathleen Hunter reports on "Bloomberg Markets: European Open." (Source: Bloomberg)
Euronews - Obamacare repeal bill dies in U.S. Senate as McCain votes 'no' - 2 hours 30 min ago
CNBC - Senate blocks 'skinny' Obamacare repeal bill in dramatic late-night vote - 3 hours 3 min ago
Bloomberg - What a ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Looks Like in Real Life - 11 hours 16 min ago
The Intercept - Republicans Got Good At Symbolic Repeals Of Obamacare, But Flinched When Faced With Reality - 33 min 13 sec ago
Fox Business - 'Skinny' repeal of Obamacare fails in Senate - 3 hours 5 min ago
LA Times - Senate Republicans reject last-ditch 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare - 3 hours 13 min ago
Zero Hedge - Senate Releases Full Text Of "Skinny" Obamacare Repeal Bill, Vote Expected After Midnight - 6 hours 22 min ago
Washington Post - The Republican plan to repeal Obamacare is a 'disaster' — in their own words - 8 hours 47 min ago
CNBC Video - Trump administration warns of Alaska backlash after Murkowski's Obamacare vote, report says - 17 hours 46 min ago

Sharp returns to Q1 profit on Foxconn's cost-cut drive, beats estimates
Indiatimes - 1 hour 17 min ago
The liquid crystal display (LCD) maker posted profit of 14.48 billion yen ($130.49 million) for the three months through June, reversing a year-earlier loss of 27.45 billion yen.
China Daily - Foxconn to build LCD plant in US - 5 hours 47 min ago
New York Times - Wisconsin’s Lavish Lure for Foxconn: $3 Billion in Tax Subsidies - 7 hours 37 min ago
Bloomberg - Wisconsin and Foxconn Sign $3 Billion Assistance Agreement - 8 hours 15 min ago
Reuters - Wisconsin governor defends $3 billion deal for Foxconn plant - 11 hours 4 min ago
CNBC - Op-Ed: Here's what's worrisome about Foxconn's plan to build a plant in the US - 16 hours 8 min ago
CNN - Foxconn invests in Wisconsin: Workers 'should be wary' - 20 hours 52 min ago
Fox Business - Foxconn deals requires Wisconsin to act soon on tax breaks - 3 hours 37 min ago
SCMP - Warning for China as electronics giant Foxconn plugs into US incentives - 6 hours 44 min ago
BusinessInsider - The new US Foxconn factory will cost Wisconsin taxpayers at least $3 billion - 9 hours 27 min ago
Washington Post - Foxconn deal would cost Wisconsin $230,700 per worker - 13 hours 47 min ago
CNBC Video - Foxconn is investing $10 billion in the US - 13 hours 47 min ago
CNN Video - Foxconn promises jobs in Wisconsin: A reality check - 20 hours 30 min ago

POLL-Low inflation to encourage India central bank to cut rates next week
Indiatimes - 1 hour 17 min ago
"The recent sharp decline in inflation has clearly caught the RBI by surprise. Clearly, the stage is set for another rate cut," wrote Kunal Kumar Kundu of Societe Generale.
China Daily - China's central bank injects cash into market - 1 hour 47 min ago

Hammond Sees Increasing Government Support for Brexit Transition
Bloomberg - 1 hour 26 min ago
Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said he is seeing more and more support within the U.K. government for the idea of a multi-year transition period to allow businesses to adjust after Britain leaves the European Union.
Bloomberg - Here Are the Places in the U.K. That Will Be Hit Hardest by Brexit - 14 hours 16 sec ago
Euronews - UK: pre-Brexit consultation on EU migrants - 15 hours 46 min ago
Reuters - Citigroup to move part of private banking to Madrid due to Brexit: source - 18 hours 44 min ago
Zero Hedge - Gold Surges To 6-Week Highs As Stocks Get De-FANGed, Trannies Worst Day Since Brexit - 12 hours 45 min ago
The Guardian - Aberdeen to be worst hit by Brexit but all British cities will suffer – report - 17 hours 49 min ago
BusinessInsider - Trump’s talk of a trade deal with the UK shows he has no idea how Brexit works - 18 hours 9 min ago

Xiaomi secures $1b loan to aid retail, global expansion
China Daily - 1 hour 47 min ago
Xiaomi founder Lei Jun speaks at Mi 5X launching event in Beijing, July 26, 2017. [Photo provided to] Xiaomi announced Friday that its wholly owned subsidiary Xiaomi HK Ltd has signed a three-year $1 billion syndicated loan agreement with 18 banks. Deutsche Ban ...
Indiatimes - Xiaomi gains new $1 billion loan to drive retail push, expansion overseas - 2 hours 18 min ago
New York Times - Xiaomi Gains New $1 Billion Loan to Drive Retail Push - 3 hours 44 min ago
TechCrunch - Xiaomi secures $1B loan to expand its international presence and offline retail footprint - 4 hours 56 min ago
BusinessInsider - Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is entering the smart speaker battle - 18 hours 44 min ago

Switzerland's UBS sees 2nd-quarter profit rise 14 percent
AP - 1 hour 47 min ago
BERLIN (AP) -- Swiss bank UBS says its earnings rose 14 percent in the second quarter as its wealth management operation performed strongly....
CNBC - Live blog: Strong results for Swiss banking giants Credit Suisse and UBS - 3 hours 52 min ago
Fox Business - Switzerland's UBS sees 2nd-quarter profit rise 14 percent - 2 hours 11 min ago
Zero Hedge - UBS: "One Of The Most Surprising Charts Of The Year Got Slightly Less Surprising" - 15 hours 6 min ago
CNBC Video - UBS CEO: Challenge to increase margins in this environment - 2 hours 15 min ago

Global confidence growing in China's role as world economy stabilizer
China Daily - 2 hours 47 min ago
BEIJING — A 6.9-percent growth rate in the first half of this year shows once again that China remains the main stabilizer of the global economy. The Chinese economy has maintained steady and sound growth, according to latest figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics. International i ...
China Daily - China, US reach certain consensus on agricultural cooperation during economic talks - 2 hours 47 min ago
Indiatimes - Asleep at the wheel? Germany frets about economic car crash - 19 hours 17 min ago
CNBC Video - S&P: Chinese banks still face a negative economic risk trend - 5 hours 12 min ago

What this CEO learned from his first summer job at 12 years old
CNBC - 2 hours 55 min ago
Every person's first foray into the working world teaches them something about who they are.
CNBC - Meg Whitman rules out becoming Uber CEO, reaffirms commitment to HPE - 5 hours 37 min ago
CNN - Period underwear brand Thinx names new CEO after HR issues - 11 hours 53 min ago
Reuters - Trump's 'America First' push not protectionist: UPS CEO - 13 hours 24 min ago
Indiatimes - Google hopes to train 10 million people in Africa in online skills: CEO - 16 hours 17 min ago
Fox Business - Uber Considering GE CEO Jeff Immelt for Top Role - 3 hours 58 min ago
BusinessInsider - HPE CEO Meg Whitman just publicly took herself out of the running to be Uber's new boss (HPE) - 5 hours 31 min ago
TechCrunch - Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Yancey Strickler will step down this year - 16 hours 9 min ago
LA Times - What millennials want from their CEOs: Activism - 19 hours 48 min ago
CNBC Video - Credit Suisse is in its stabilization and consolidation phase, says CEO - 1 hour 52 min ago
CNN Video - Turkcell CEO: We compete with Whatsapp, more popular than Spotify - 6 hours 2 min ago

Senate Blocks GOP Health Bill, Scuttling Bid to Repeal Obamacare
Bloomberg - 3 hours 8 min ago
Republican Senator John McCain joined with two of his GOP colleagues to block a stripped-down Obamacare repeal bill early Friday, scuttling the party’s months-long effort to pass health legislation.
CNN - What's in the Senate 'skinny repeal' health care bill? - 5 hours 55 min ago
CNBC - Paul Ryan: House 'is willing' to work with Senate on health-care plan - 8 hours 49 min ago
Bloomberg - Ryan Says House Willing to Negotiate a Final Health Care Bill With Senate - 9 hours 16 min ago
Indiatimes - Analysis: Vote yes, hope no for Senate GOP on health care - 10 hours 18 min ago
LA Times - Trump tweets another push for Republicans to pass healthcare bill - 5 hours 36 min ago
Zero Hedge - Paulson Shutters Long-Short Equity Fund Amid Massive Healthcare Losses - 15 hours 33 min ago
Fox Business - The Latest: Health plan group opposes fresh GOP effort - 16 hours 28 min ago
Zacks - The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Applied Optoelectronics, The Brink's Company, Facebook, Healthcare Services Group and LPL Financial - 19 hours 11 min ago
CNBC Video - New Orleans Mayor Landrieu: Senate 'torturing' itself into a pretzel trying to take health care away - 20 hours 3 min ago

Goldman Sachs: 'Cautiously optimistic' on oil prices as supply-demand rebalancing
CNBC - 4 hours 11 min ago
The rebalancing in the oil market is accelerating, said Goldman Sachs in a note on Thursday.
Reuters - Oil climbs for sixth day, near eight-week highs on U.S. crude stock declines - 7 hours 44 min ago
CNBC - Shale oil players are cutting spending on drilling, and investors could reward them for it - 12 hours 23 min ago
Fox Business - Oil prices dip but stay near eight-week highs - 1 hour 30 min ago

Amazon made its first foray into Southeast Asia yesterday — the service now appears unusable
CNBC - 4 hours 30 min ago
The Prime Now delivery service in Singapore appears to be unavailable, with no word from Amazon on when it will resume.
Indiatimes - Amazon sales surge, but spending bites into profit - 6 hours 18 min ago
New York Times - Amazon Profits Fall Far Short of Expectations, but Investors Shrug - 7 hours 31 min ago
CNBC - Amazon is on a huge hiring spree for AWS and ad salespeople - 9 hours 1 min ago
BBC - Amazon profits are sharply lower as it invests overseas - 11 hours 42 min ago
CNN - Amazon stock falls as profit declines 77% - 12 hours 15 min ago
Reuters - Amazon profit slumps 77 percent as costs surge, shares fall - 12 hours 23 min ago
Euronews - Amazon's Bezos world's richest man - 16 hours 58 min ago
Zero Hedge - Amazon Hosts Robotics Competition To Figure Out How To Replace 230,000 Warehouse Workers - 2 hours 3 min ago
Fox Business - Amazon sales and spending rise, profit and shares plunge - 3 hours 25 min ago
TechCrunch - Amazon launches ‘The Hub’, parcel delivery lockers for apartment buildings - 9 hours 32 min ago
BusinessInsider - Amazon Fresh isn't going away, even after Amazon buys Whole Foods for $14 billion (AMZN) - 9 hours 36 min ago
Zacks - Less-Profitable Web Services Contributes to Amazon's Q2 Earnings Miss - 11 hours 13 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Amazon Makes Huge Whiff on the Bottom Line - 12 hours 14 min ago
LA Times - Woody Allen's 'Wonder Wheel' to complete Amazon's turn to full-service distribution - 12 hours 31 min ago
The Guardian - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos becomes world's richest man - 16 hours 27 min ago
Morningstar - What Impact Does Amazon Have on Your Fund? - 20 hours 48 min ago
CNBC Video - Amazon profits fall by 77 percent in second quarter - 2 hours 15 min ago

Wells Fargo to refund $80 million to customers hit by car loan insurance
Reuters - 4 hours 46 min ago
(Reuters) - Wells Fargo and Co said it would reimburse about 570,000 customers who may have been charged wrongly due to issues related to auto collateral protection insurance policies.
CNBC - Wells Fargo reportedly forced car loan customers to buy auto insurance - 7 hours 2 min ago
New York Times - Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance on Borrowers - 7 hours 55 min ago
Reuters - Wells Fargo moves more auto staff to central hubs, eyes rebranding: memo - 15 hours 46 min ago
Fox Business - Wells Fargo to refund $80 million to customers hit by car loan insurance - 4 hours 49 min ago
Zero Hedge - Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance On 800,000 Borrowers - 6 hours 57 min ago

Huawei roots for cloud computing to boost data security amid hacking threats
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
NAIROBI — Governments and corporations should invest in cloud computing that promises better data storage and retrieval options while protecting it from intrusion by hackers, a Huawei executive said on Thursday in a commentary published by Kenya's daily newspaper People. Gao Wenli, the deputy CE ...
China Daily - China's Huawei work with Singapore firms, authority to help develop digital economy - 5 hours 47 min ago
CNBC - Huawei wants to be the world’s top smartphone maker by selling to these customers - 7 hours 7 min ago
CNBC Video - Huawei is targeting the high-end segment - 5 hours 8 min ago

BRICS tax authorities ink institutional document to enhance cooperation
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
HANGZHOU — Tax authorities of the five BRICS countries inked a landmark document Thursday to establish a mechanism for taxation cooperation. The BRICS Taxation Cooperation Memorandum signed at the fifth Meeting of BRICS Heads of Tax Authorities is the bloc's first document that elevates taxation ...
China Daily - Tax revenue from service sectors climbs rapidly in H1 - 5 hours 47 min ago
Indiatimes - Instagram posts will soon help sniff out tax evaders - 6 hours 18 min ago
CNN - The most controversial tax reform proposal is officially dead - 12 hours 57 min ago
CNBC - Retailers cheer the death of the border adjustment tax - 13 hours 32 min ago
Bloomberg - Border Adjustment Tax Out of Tax Reform Plan - 14 hours 15 min ago
New York Times - Trump and Congress Reach Deal on Principles of Tax Overhaul - 14 hours 24 min ago
Euronews - View: Why tax cuts for the rich solve nothing - 20 hours 37 min ago
LA Times - Trump and GOP leaders agree to drop border-adjustment tax from reform - 9 hours 13 min ago
Washington Post - Paul Ryan admits defeat, giving up on border adjustment tax - 13 hours 47 min ago
BusinessInsider - One of the most controversial parts of the Republican tax plan is dead - 14 hours 14 min ago
Fox Business - GOP ready to begin producing tax reform, border-adjustment tax is dead - 14 hours 16 min ago
Zero Hedge - BAT Is Dead: Republicans Kill Border Adjustment Tax - 14 hours 28 min ago
CNBC Video - Small firms to benefit from tax reform: Motley Fool - 6 hours 58 min ago

Airbus makes 1st direct flight between China, Portugal
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
LISBON — An airbus A300 aircraft on its first direct flight from China's Hangzhou province to the Portuguese capital via Beijing landed on Wednesday at Humberto Delgado airport after a 13-hour flight. Portuguese minister of planning and infrastructure Pedro Marques said at a ceremony marking the ...
Indiatimes - Airbus profits lag amid engine issues, military challenges - 6 hours 18 min ago
BBC - Airbus cuts superjumbo A380 production again - 20 hours 46 min ago

Volkswagen auto sales sightly down in H1
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
TIANJIN - German carmaker Volkswagen posted slightly weaker auto sales in China in the first half of 2017, but demand for its luxury cars remained resilient, according to a report released by the company. Volkswagen delivered nearly 1.83 million vehicles to the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong from J ...
Reuters - California gives Volkswagen green light for clean vehicle infrastructure plan - 8 hours 16 min ago
LA Times - Volkswagen gets green light for charging stations under settlement plan - 8 hours 48 min ago

Apple mulls elimination of in-app tipping tax
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
Apple is reportedly considering changing its in-app purchase (IAP) policy. If confirmed, it will put an end to the company's 30 percent cut for each tip given to content providers. [Photo/VCG] Apple is reportedly considering plans to scrap its surcharge on in-app tips. If conf ...
China Daily - Apple eyes big bite of mobile payments - 5 hours 47 min ago
Indiatimes - Apple kills iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle as music moves to phones - 6 hours 18 min ago
CNN - Apple discontinues iPod nano and iPod shuffle - 14 hours 25 min ago
CNBC - Apple is discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and Nano - 15 hours 9 sec ago
Zacks - Here's Why Apple (AAPL) Stock Is Sinking Today - 13 hours 7 min ago
Fox Business - Better Buy: Fitbit Inc. vs. Apple - 13 hours 41 min ago
BusinessInsider - A new leaked photo backs up rumors that Apple's next iPhones will come with wireless charging - 15 hours 9 min ago
LA Times - Apple is ordered to pay $506 million in Wisconsin patent infringement case - 15 hours 48 min ago
TechCrunch - Apple discontinues iPod nano and shuffle and doubles iPod touch capacities to 32GB and 128GB - 16 hours 6 min ago

Top 10 countries committing most to cybersecurity
China Daily - 5 hours 47 min ago
Singapore is leading the world in commitment to cybersecurity this year, according to the Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 (GCI 2017) released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). GCI ranked all 193 member countries of ITU in their preparedness for cyberattacks across five categories ...
Reuters - Flush times for hackers in booming cyber security job market - 8 hours 40 min ago
Indiatimes - Government entities may get cover against cyberattacks - 12 hours 47 min ago
CNBC - At Black Hat Conference, good guy hackers have a bleak view of US cybersecurity - 18 hours 13 min ago
BusinessInsider - The government is worried that the IRS, which has all of your tax info, is too vulnerable to cyberattacks - 8 hours 40 min ago

US senate votes to slap further sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea
Euronews - 7 hours 12 min ago
A landslide sees senators vote 98-2 in favour of imposing sanctions, despite President Trump's objections.
Bloomberg - Russia Sanctions Bill Passes Senate With Limits on Trump's Power - 10 hours 13 min ago
Indiatimes - Donald Trump could seek 'tougher' Russia sanctions; Putin threatens retaliation - 13 hours 47 min ago
LA Times - In tweet, Trump appears to cast doubt on Russia investigation: 'Witch Hunt!' - 6 hours 35 min ago
The Intercept - With The European Union Livid, Congress Pushes Forward On Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea - 7 hours 18 min ago
BusinessInsider - SESSIONS: 'I made the right decision' recusing myself from the Russia investigation - 7 hours 26 min ago
Zero Hedge - Senate Overwhelmingly Votes For New Russia Sanctions, Now It's Up To Trump - 10 hours 6 min ago
Fox Business - Russia sanctions bill heads to Trump after Senate's approval - 10 hours 10 min ago

Shkreli Lawyer Prepares Flashy Closing, While Government Plays It Straight
New York Times - 7 hours 35 min ago
In lengthy statements on Thursday, the two sides in Martin Shkreli’s fraud trial demonstrated very different approaches.
CNBC - Martin Shkreli's lawyer says former drug company chairman tried to 'seduce' the 'pharma bro' - 9 hours 41 min ago
CNN - Martin Shkreli's fraud trial is coming to a close - 12 hours 18 min ago
NY Post - Shkreli lied about his entire life to lure investors: prosecutors - 14 hours 46 min ago
Washington Post - Martin Shkreli told 'lies upon lies,' prosecutors tell Brooklyn jury in closing statements in securities fraud trial - 16 hours 47 min ago
LA Times - Martin Shkreli repeatedly lied to investors, prosecutor says in closing arguments - 16 hours 53 min ago
Zero Hedge - Jury Could Have Martin Shkreli Verdict As Soon As Friday - 17 hours 22 min ago
CNBC Video - Closing arguments underway in 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli trial - 16 hours 4 min ago

Sessions Vows More Leak Prosecutions in Wake of Trump Criticism
Bloomberg - 7 hours 36 min ago
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to ramp up criminal investigations into leaks of sensitive information, his first comments on the issue since a series of tweets from President Donald Trump taunting him for being too weak.
CNBC - Sessions says he's not stepping down despite Trump's criticisms - 11 hours 2 min ago
Bloomberg - Sessions Says He Will Continue to Serve as Long as Trump Wants Him To - 14 hours 1 min ago
BusinessInsider - Jeff Sessions: Trump's criticism 'hurtful' but 'he wants all of us to do our job' - 10 hours 44 min ago
Zero Hedge - Graham Dares Trump: "Holy Hell To Pay if You Fire Sessions" - 16 hours 28 min ago

Facebook and Verizon advance while AstraZeneca dives
AP - 10 hours 48 min ago
NEW YORK (AP) -- Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Thursday:...
Reuters - Verizon in talks to buy WideOpenWest's Chicago network: sources - 11 hours 27 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Verizon, Boeing Bolster DJIA Thursday - 12 hours 46 min ago
Zacks - Verizon (VZ) Q2 Earnings In Line, Revenues Beat Estimates - 17 hours 18 min ago
BusinessInsider - Verizon is rallying after saying it added a bunch of new subscribers (VZ) - 18 hours 7 min ago
Washington Post - Verizon is back: Unlimited data is boosting subscriptions - 18 hours 47 min ago
Reuters Video - Verizon's "unlimited" lures customers - 18 hours 12 min ago
CNBC Video - Cramer's Mad Dash: Verizon climbs on revenue beat - 19 hours 20 min ago

Booming stocks and credit, falling U.S. dollar seen giving Fed cover to hike
Reuters - 12 hours 21 min ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Despite analysts' chatter that sluggish inflation may prevent the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates further soon, the rosy scene in financial markets might allow U.S. policy-makers to squeeze in another rate hike this year after all.
AP - Trump choice for Fed board says he likes rule change ideas - 13 hours 18 min ago
CNBC - Watch: Fed board nominee Randal Quarles faces Senate hearing - 18 hours 35 min ago
Reuters - Wall Street set to rise on strong earnings, dovish Fed - 19 hours 37 min ago
Fox Business - Trump choice for Fed board says he likes rule change ideas - 13 hours 8 min ago
Zero Hedge - The Fed Remains On Course... To Trouble - 14 hours 34 min ago
BusinessInsider - Elizabeth Warren unloads on Trump's pick to lead Fed bank regulation - 17 hours 13 min ago
Economist's View - Fed Watch: FOMC Snoozefest - 17 hours 21 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Chicago Fed Saw Stronger National Activity in June - 18 hours 17 min ago
CNBC Video - Fed rate hike: 'December's looking a lot more plausible' - 5 hours 23 min ago

A widely followed signal on Wall Street shows tech stocks are rising too fast
CNBC - 13 hours 14 min ago
The RSI of the NASDAQ is the highest its been in years
CNBC - Wall Street veteran Howard Lutnick: Trump agenda will help real estate and 'bump' up financials - 15 hours 30 min ago
Fox Business - Asian shares slide as Wall St tech swoon weighs on sentiment - 1 hour 41 min ago
BusinessInsider - Amazon misses Wall Street expectations by a mile (AMZN) - 12 hours 47 min ago
Reuters Video - Tech slides on Wall Street - 12 hours 19 min ago
CNBC Video - Wall Street legend Byron Wien finds something about this market to be 'disturbing' - 14 hours 41 min ago

Facebook is now letting businesses set up shopping and payment buttons on Messenger
CNBC - 15 hours 48 min ago
It hopes the push will encourage more businesses to adopt using Facebook Messenger.
CNBC - By one measure, Facebook just made Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat look like a spendthrift - 15 hours 55 min ago
CNN - Facebook and Amazon hit $500 billion milestone - 18 hours 18 min ago
Reuters - Facebook shares surge as results quash fears of slowing growth - 18 hours 41 min ago
TechCrunch - Facebook’s Instant Articles restore subscription options they previously stripped - 7 hours 40 min ago
Washington Post - Quarterly earnings for Google, Facebook reflect growing dominance in digital ad market - 8 hours 47 min ago
Fox Business - Facebook Is More Foolish Than Snap - 10 hours 48 min ago
BusinessInsider - Facebook lost billions in value in seconds after its earnings before rebounding dramatically (FB) - 13 hours 14 min ago
The Intercept - Steve Bannon Wants Facebook and Google Regulated Like Utilities - 16 hours 16 min ago
Zacks - Tech ETFs to Tap on Facebook's Solid Q2 - 18 hours 52 min ago
24/7 Wall St. - Top Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades: AK Steel, Boeing, Facebook, Newmont, Kinder Morgan, PayPal, State Street and More - 20 hours 3 min ago
CNBC Video - Facebook reports strong daily active user growth as opposed to Twitter: Canaccord Genuity's Michael Graham - 15 hours 40 min ago

US weekly requests for jobless aid up 10K, to 244,000
AP - 18 hours 18 min ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- More Americans applied for jobless aid last week, though the number of people seeking benefits remains near historic lows pointing to a healthy job market....
CNBC - Jobless claims rise from three-month low - 20 hours 5 min ago
Reuters - Jobless claims rise from three-month low - 20 hours 8 min ago
Fox Business - US weekly requests for jobless aid up 10K, to 244,000 - 20 hours 10 min ago
CNBC Video - Initial jobless claims up 10K to 244,000, durable good up 6.5% in June - 20 hours 18 min ago

U.S. durable goods, trade data point to pick-up in second-quarter growth
Reuters - 19 hours 23 min ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New orders for key U.S.-made capital goods unexpectedly fell in June, but a fifth straight monthly increase in shipments suggested that business spending on equipment supported economic growth in the second quarter.
CNBC - US durable goods orders climb 6.5 percent in June - 19 hours 28 min ago
AP - US durable goods orders climbed 6.5 percent in June - 19 hours 48 min ago
Zacks - Jobless Claims, Durable Goods, Q2 Earnings: All Favorable (Except Twitter) - 18 hours 39 min ago
Zero Hedge - Core Durable Goods Orders Disappoint But Aircraft Orders Surge 131% - 20 hours 3 min ago
Fox Business - US durable goods orders climbed 6.5 percent in June, most in nearly three years, on surging demand for civilian aircraft - 20 hours 15 min ago

AstraZeneca shares take historic tumble on failed lung cancer study
CNBC - 19 hours 36 min ago
AstraZeneca shares fell 15 percent after disappointing results for a lung cancer treatment.
CNBC - AstraZeneca shares suffer biggest ever daily fall as lung cancer study fails - 20 hours 48 min ago
The Guardian - AstraZeneca boss Pascal Soriot's 'pivotal' year is turning out horribly - 17 hours 28 min ago
BusinessInsider - AstraZeneca plunges 16% after its lung cancer drug failed a key trial (AZN) - 19 hours 47 min ago
CNBC Video - AstraZeneca shares plunge 16 percent as lung cancer study fails - 18 hours 52 min ago

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